Ironing and Other Cleaning Services


  • We offer ironing service done at your home.
  • If you are our regular client and signed for spring clean, ironing will be included (please ask for details)

Oven Cleaning

  • We offer oven cleaning for all our customers
  • We only use eco-friendly materials (no heave duty sprays)
  • The price depends on the size of the oven, condition and age

Fridge Cleaning

  • We offer comprehensive fridge and freezer cleaning at extra cost
  • The price depends on the condition of the fridge and the size. Freezer must be defrosted prior appointment

Microwave Cleaning

  • We offer microwave cleaning at low cost (please ask for details)

Window and Frame Cleaning

  • We know how important window cleaning is for our clients
  • Every household is different and needs a different approach
  • We recommend interior window cleaning 3 times per year (every 4 months), but the final decision is up to you
  • We charge per room, please ask for details

Blinds Cleaning

  • The blinds can accumulate dust and dirt
  • We recommend cleaning them at least once a month

Vacuuming Curtains

  • If you have lots of curtains in your house, we recommend giving them quick vacuuming at least once a month

Deep Pans Cleaning

  • We offer burnt bottom pans cleaning, please ask for details

Changing Bed Sheets

  • We offer bed changing to all households
  • This service is included in spring clean, or you can add it to simple domestic cleaning at extra cost, please ask for details

After Party Cleaning

  • This is a one-off service available to all households
  • If you had a party, friends gathering or birthday, and need extra help to clean your house, get in touch


  • If you are struggling with organisation or are overwhelmed by your clutter, simply contact us and we will help

Extras We Can Offer

  • ECO-friendly FABERLIC cleaning products at lower price for all our clients
  • Toilet rolls
  • Kitchen rolls
  • Bin liners (different sizes)
  • Odour control dispensers
  • Required cleaning equipment