Hotel Housekeeping

At PolishMaids, we know the importance of hospitality. We are familiar with the specific problems with housekeeping in this market. We understand how important it is to select professional chambermaids to clean your hotel rooms.

That's why, we will only send you an experienced and bonded team of girls, who previously worked in the hotels and are familiar with this job. Our cleaning team consists of our own employees.

How we work:

  • The cost of service is calculated per room
  • We don't provide laundry service.
  • We don't provide cleaning materials (available upon request)
  • We provide cloths
  • We don't provide vacuum and mop
  • Price doesn't include window cleaning
  • We provide paper towels

We can supply you with toilet rolls, kitchen towels, bin liners, napkins, etc at extra cost. Please ask for details.

What’s included:

  • dusting room
  • removing cobwebs
  • dusting all furniture
  • polishing all surfaces
  • polishing picture frames
  • wiping window sills
  • making/changing beds
  • dusting TV
  • cleaning small fridge inside and out
  • filling up tea/coffee/biscuits/etc. (provided by hotel)
  • removing all rubbish
  • vacuuming carpet/floor


  • cleaning all surfaces (sink, bath, shower)
  • cleaning toilet inside and out
  • cleaning all cupboards inside and out
  • dusting lamp
  • polishing light switches
  • checking stock of toilet paper, soap, hand wash, shampoo, etc. (provided by hotel)
  • refiling dispensers
  • removing used towels
  • putting in fresh towels
  • cleaning and dry mats
  • cleaning the door and door knobs
  • washing floor