Student Accommodation Cleaning

At Polish Maids, we offer Summer Deep Cleaning at the end of a term. This service is available from July, when all student accommodations are empty, and we can carry out professional deep cleaning.

We all know that most young people cannot keep their rooms clean and tidy. Mostly the state of the property, after the students lived there for a year is very bad (who likes cleaning the oven, or removing limescale in a bathroom on a regular basis). That's why, we always fully assess the scale of tasks, and prioritise the work.

Summer deep clean is a breeze with Polish Maids. Removing all traces of previous occupancy is vital, as new students will want to move into clean accommodation. Our team of professionals will clean each corner of the property from top to bottom. For this service we always sent the most experienced team, as we know how important it is to leave the property spotless.

What's included:

Living Room/Hallway/Dining Room

  • dusting all surfaces
  • dusting furniture
  • dusting picture frames
  • cleaning mirrors
  • cleaning windows (interior) and sills
  • cleaning bannister/spindles
  • cleaning all light switches
  • removing cobwebs
  • wiping down all radiators
  • cleaning all door panels and frames
  • cleaning all skirting boards
  • cleaning extractor fan
  • dusting lamp shades
  • cleaning all doors and frames
  • cleaning windows and frames (interior)
  • cleaning all tops of furniture (reachable)
  • lifting up and cleaning under light furniture (sofas, beds, TV cabinets, etc.)
  • vacuuming sofas and cushions
  • vacuuming all floors and carpets
  • mopping all floors


  • cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces (sink, bath, shower)
  • cleaning all tiled surfaces
  • cleaning and disinfecting toilets
  • cleaning radiators, handrails and towel rails
  • cleaning inside all cupboards and drawers
  • scrubbing all tiles
  • cleaning washing machine inside and out
  • cleaning tumble dryer inside and out
  • cleaning tumble dryer and washing machine soap dispenser
  • cleaning extractor
  • polishing taps
  • emptying bins
  • cleaning bin inside


  • dusting all surfaces
  • cleaning inside and on top of all cupboards and drawers
  • degrease inside/outside of oven and cooker
  • cleaning dishwasher inside and out
  • cleaning fridge and freezer inside and out (freezers must be defrosted prior to appointment)
  • cleaning microwave inside and out
  • cleaning toaster inside and out
  • cleaning and disinfecting sink
  • cleaning and sanitizing all bins
  • cleaning extractor
  • dusting window and sills
  • washing all dishes and putting away
  • cleaning and disinfecting sink
  • polishing tabs
  • cleaning all tiled surfaces
  • cleaning kitchen table
  • vacuuming and mopping floor
  • emptying bins


  • dusting all surfaces
  • cleaning windows and sills
  • polishing all mirrors
  • dusting picture frames
  • dusting headboard
  • dusting furnitures

If the job is not listed, please let us know, and we will be happy to add it to the list.