Eco Cleaning

Faberlic Home Cleaning

I would like to introduce our new product called Faberlic. These are not ordinary household chemicals, but delicate and effective products with subtle scents. All cleaning components are produced with plant-based materials and are biodegradable. This means that the products are safe for you and the environment. In addition all household cosmetics have concentrated formulas, so you will use less when compared with ordinary products., and they will last longer.

Faberlic has not only household cleaning products, but is also well known for its OXYGEN cosmetics. This special complex of perfluorocarbons captures oxygen from the air and delivers it deep into the layers of the skin. The oxygen complex also transports healthy supplements to provide the skin with everything it needs and keep it young and healthy.

Quality standards:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 22716
  • International quality standards guarantee that all the equipment, production, principles, and technological process are at the high level.
  • All products undergo mandatory testing in accordance with GOST and SanPiN
  • HALAL certificate which means products don’t contain ingredients forbidden for Muslims and comply with all Islamic canons
  • As defined by IN VITRO, not tested on animals

Why do we use Faberlic?

  • All products are biodegradable (they don’t make harm to environment)
  • Products don’t contain chlorine, phosphates and alkali
  • All products are hypoallergenic
  • Detergent components are based on natural raw materials such as palm and coconut oil
  • All products contains natural fruit acids and minerals
  • They don't cause any allergy, irritation or itching
  • Water-based formula for room sprays
  • Safe for washing kids clothes and delicate fabrics
  • Faberlic detergents are free from phosphates
  • Free from colorants
  • Faberlic detergents is based on zeolite advanced technology
  • All products are safe and don’t scratch or damage any surfaces
  • All products are safe for humans and animals
  • Not tested on animals
  • Antibacterial spray efficiently fights bacteria and viruses at any surface
  • Halal certificate
  • Quality certificate

Products range available:


  • Odour eliminating Liquid Kitchen Soap 300ml (different scents)
  • Concentrating dishwashing liquid witch charcoal 500ml
  • Concentrating dishwashing liquid witch bio enzymes 500ml
  • Concentrated dishwashing liquid 500ml
  • Concentrated universal cleaner 500ml
  • Metal surface cleaner 250ml
  • Oven and stove cleaner 500ml
  • Dishwashing tablets 20 pcs
  • Concentrated dishwashing liquid 500ml (different scents)
  • Concentrated limescale remover for kettles and coffee machines (4 ampoules)


  • 5-in-1 Toilet cleaner 500ml (lemon scent)
  • Limescale remover spray for bathroom and shower cabin 300ml
  • Bathroom cleaner 500ml
  • Anti-mist window and mirror cleaner 500ml £6.50


  • Antibacterial cleaner 300ml
  • Universal surface cleaner 200ml
  • All purpose cleaning cream 470ml
  • Leather cleaning wet wipes 30 pcs/pack
  • Cleaning wet wipes 30 pcs/pack
  • Wet wipes for screens and monitors
  • Clean & Shiny concentrated universal cleaner 500ml
  • Metal surface cleaning cream 250ml
  • Eraser sponge (90/60/30mm) 2 pcs


  • Water-based room spray 250ml (different scents)
  • Extra white oxygen bleach 500gr
  • Extra oxy oxygen stain remover 500gr
  • Extra oxy liquid stain remover 470ml
  • Universal stain remover spray 150ml
  • Universal stain remover stick 35gr


  • Concentrated liquid laundry detergent for colors 500ml
  • Concentrated liquid laundry detergent for white fabrics 500ml
  • Concentrated liquid laundry detergent for dark fabrics 500ml
  • Concentrated liquid laundry detergent for delicate fabrics 500ml
  • Universal concentrated laundry detergent  800gr
  • Concentrated laundry detergent for colours 800gr
  • Concentrated liquid laundry detergent for baby clothes 500ml
  • Fabric softener 500ml (different scents)
  • Fabric softener with Aloe Vera for babies 500ml
  • Anti-wrinkle ironing spray 250ml
  • Aquatic fragrance-free antistatic spray 200ml
  • BIO stain remover 500gr


  • Shoe deodorant 150ml
  • Mini sponge for suede and nubuck
  • Wet wipes for smooth leather 15pcs
  • Polishing sponge for smooth leather
  • Shoe dryers 10x19cm
  • Shoe care protection spray against moist and dirt 250ml


  • Concentrated fabric softener 50ml
  • Concentrated laundry detergent 50ml (approx 30 washes)
  • Extra white oxygen bleach 40gr
  • Extra oxy stain remover 40gr
  • Concentrated dishwasher liquid with charcoal 50ml
  • Universal all-purpose cleaner 50ml
  • Concentrated universal kitchen cleaner 50ml
  • Bathroom cleaner 50ml
  • Oven & stove cleaning gel 50ml

If you need more information about our oxygen-based, environmentally friendly BIO products, please contact me on 07851143721, or send me an e-mail

You can also visit my FABERLIC Facebook page  and browse catalogue.